About Daniel X. Bustamante

Daniel Bustamante is the founder and CIO of Bustamante & Co. (a multi-strategy manager based in San Juan, Puerto Rico). He has been featured in Bloomberg, Arizona Business Journal, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Seeking Alpha and other publications over his career on Wall Street. Most notably, he became one of the first to call for Carvana to trade to $0 in February 2022 when the stock was trading at $160 a share. 

While not an active short-seller he did learn ‘deep short’ research analysis while working for a firm earlier in his career that allowed him to understand the depths of corporate fraud, accounting irregularities and the complexities of executing on short selling. The research, among other market calls, was published in his weekly LongVol Report® 

The LongVol® – TheLongVol.com was started in 2020 as a blog to share insights to his investing process, travel and other private investments. A 21-day Free Trial to The LongVol membership is available here: FREE TRIAL | MEMBERSHIPS.

Dan publishes the report 48 times a year for subscribers and is read by DIY investors, financial advisors, money managers and prop traders globally. 

If you are an independent investor, money manager, portfolio manager or proprietary trader you can apply to join DeltaOne, our premier membership community. 


Dan began his career at the age of twenty working with Charles Schwab & Co. before moving into his first endeavor in 2007 within the print and graphics industry. In 2009, he began working as a proprietary futures trader before moving to Los Angeles taking a position as an analyst/execution trader for a notable family office. In 2014, after a brief stint at MB Trading Inc, he became a portfolio manager for Precedo Capital Fund, LP managing a $6mm long/short portfolio. In 2018, after selling a financial publishing company he went back to trading is personal accounts before launching his hedge fund management firm and first hedge fund, DeltaOne Partners. 

Dan spends his time between Phoenix, Arizona & San Juan, Puerto Rico.