Costco & Nike Earnings Report

Costco & Nike Earnings

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Costco and Nike reported earnings last night so we’re going to dive into that briefly here. Normally following these names are not something that I care about (or would invest in) but given the topics I discussed a few weeks ago about the consumer being strained makes this of interest.

We’re also going to cover the following in this post: 

  • WTI Crude trading above $90/bl & what that means for energy stocks 
  •  Interaction with Ricks Hospitality CEO – when value becomes a victim of forced selling. 
  • AMA session (remember you can ask questions here)

Costco Earnings

  • Earnings per share: $4.86 v. $4.79 expected 
  • Revenue: $78.9 billion vs. $77.9 billion 
  • Comparable sales YOY basically flat
  • Memberships up +8% from the prior year 
Overall, not much of a takeaway from this, and the stock remains flat.

Nike Earnings

  • Down over -20% YTD
  • EPS expected $0.76
  • Revenue YoY +2.4% (expected)
  • Jeffries downgraded to hold
  • Raymond James lowers P/T to $121


Oil Above $91 and Headed Higher

WTI Crude oil traded above $91s and this should continue on its unrelenting move higher. I talked about why that was in a short commentary piece with US World News & Report a few weeks ago here.

  • Storage is extremely tight and this was the quiet bull market long that really started over a year ago 
  • Stockpiles fell at Cushing reaching new lows 
  •  I think $100-$103 are easily in the cards at this point
  • Energy stocks have not moved much with it – still waiting for some to come in off the highs

RICKS Hospitality

Earlier this week the CEO of RICK asked a question and that stock was something on my radar from a few years ago from an analyst that sent it my way. I never got into it, but it was something I tracked and given the current state of the credit cycle it’s of interest. 

  • The valuation/FCF etc. all check out there 
  • Not everything is technical investing/trading 
  • The stock and its clubs are subject to slow down if the consumer stays constrained add in higher gas prices and it gets worse
  • Maybe lower it’s a trade for some points, but not not, for me.

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