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Our Trading Approach

Our “alpha is not static” framework gives us the flexibility to trade across multiple asset classes and strategies

Whether inflation remains high, whether the  market makes new highs or if micro-cap stocks are slow it simply does not matter to us. 

Most investors are trapped to a single market or strategy and that costs them an edge and profits. 

Our approach allows us to deploy multiple strategies within our portfolios across every asset class regardless of the current market regime. 

If we think the markets are set to sell off hard, we deploy a strategy for that. 

If commodities are set to rally, we devise a plan for that. 

Micro-cap stock flow dead? Not a problem we’ll trade momentum. 

We have a plan to protect and grow our capital regardless of the market environment and we share that each week in our DeltaOne Membership.

It’s called the Absolute Return Model Approach.

The DeltaOne Absolute Return Model Approach – it combines, sentiment, research, technicals and execution.

This is our approach – so it’s not just day-trading weekly options or short-selling – we look to make money across multiple strategies in any market environment and teach you how as a member as well. 


21 Day Trial Membership

Please fill out the form and we’ll instantly send you a link to join the trial as well as the log-ins. 

The 21-Day Trial fee is $7 then $350/month – you can cancel at anytime. 

WARNING:This is not a membership for beginners or those who do not meet the minimum account balance. 

Here's How DeltaOne Can Help You:

The Absolute Return Framework we use takes research, imagination and back end work to make it work...but that's how we're able to make consistent trades. And we can show you how to do the same, if that's what you want - or you can just follow our research and insights and follow along.

But not only does a DeltaOne subscription grand you access to all of our models along with step-by-step training, you get access to a community of high-level traders and investors who have been working at this for years. Our goal is to create a community, share, teach you what we do and all while producing consistent returns.

DeltaOne exists to help you block out the noise and focus on a repeatable framework that you can apply across multiple asset-classes and within the various strategies we deploy using an absolute return framework. 

So, it does not matter what type of market environment we are in because we develop investment ideas in any market within multiple asset classes.

So, if you’ve struggled to find a strategy that works or have jumped around from newsletter to newsletter, and you believe there is a better way…then joining DeltaOne is the most asymmetrical trade you can make. 

We know there are hundreds of services out there and most of them are pointless because nobody really has a clue of what they’re doing aside from chasing momentum. 

DeltaOne is different.

We cut through the noise and show you what the market is doing and how to profit from it. The research and insights are done for you so that you’re prepared within less than 10 minutes of reading each week.

Or, you can really dive in and utilized the educational tools and resources we provide you to show you step-by-step how we do what we do. 

Some members come in and adopt our approach and strategies instantly. Others modify them and combine them with their own approach. Either way, you will learn to have a more consistent, repeatable way to extract profits from the market in any environment.

Joining us is a question of whether you want to continue chasing mixed results with no repeatable process or do you want to finally learn to use a multi-strategy approach to driving consistent returns in your portfolio? 

DeltaOne Features

LongVol Report, AST Alerts & Model Portfolio

1. The LongVol Membership

It's easy to get distracted by useless information, especially in trading. Each week you'll get our PDF report with a market outlook and notes, the AST Alerts & Model Portfolio and model portfolio for the deep-in-the money call/put alerts.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings

2. Weekly Calls

Monday market outlook at 9am EST to discuss the ideas for the week ahead. Wednesday meetings at 6pm EST to cover trade-reviews, new ideas and general coaching with Dan.

Investment Primers

3. One-Off Research Reports

Members of DeltaOne receive access to additional one-off investment ideas that are not included in The LongVol Report. These are 1-4 page investment ideas with primers to explain the sector, the investment idea and the ideal trade structure. We share these ideas develop in the markets - these are both long & short ideas.

Real-Time Ideas & Analysis

4. Community

The DeltaOne subscription gives you full access to our private chats where the team and fellow traders from around the world spend each day discussing everything from the latest research we put out, trade ideas, life-hacks and general topics related to business and markets.

21 Day Trial

Please fill out the form and we’ll instantly send you a link to join the trial as well as the log-ins. 

The 21-Day Trial fee is $7 then $350/month – you can cancel at anytime. 


WARNING:This is not a membership for beginners or those who do not meet the minimum account balance.