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What is Our Investment Strategy?

The DeltaOne Absolute Return Model Combines.

Sentiment & Macro– We take a macro and sentiment approach first to any market, sector or company before diving in to give us a broad read.

Research – We then dive into research on the ideas we are looking at. Sometimes it’s a deep dive sometimes it’s a repeatable checklist.

Technicals & Market TimingWe then apply our method of technicals & market timing to develop the trade time and structure.

The DeltaOne Advantage

Our “alpha is not static” framework gives us the flexibility to trade across multiple asset classes and strategies

Whether inflation remains high, whether the  market makes new highs or if micro-cap stocks are slow it simply does not matter to us. 

Most investors are trapped to a single market or strategy and that costs them an edge and profits. 

Our approach allows us to deploy multiple strategies within our portfolios across every asset class regardless of the current market regime. 

If we think the markets are set to sell off hard, we deploy a strategy for that. 

If commodities are set to rally, we devise a plan for that. 

Micro-cap stock flow dead? Not a problem we’ll trade momentum. 

We have a plan to protect and grow our capital regardless of the market environment and we share that each week in our DeltaOne Membership.

It’s called the Absolute Return Model Approach.

The DeltaOne Absolute Return Model Approach – it combines, sentiment, research, technicals and execution.

This is the approach we teach in DeltaOne – our premium subscription service. We share all our research, insights and strategies in real-time. 


Here's How DeltaOne Can Help You:

The Absolute Return Framework we use takes research, imagination and back end work to make it work...but that's how we're able to make consistent trades. And we can show you how to do the same, if that's what you want - or you can just follow our research and insights and follow along.

But not only does a DeltaOne subscription grand you access to all of our models along with step-by-step training, you get access to a community of high-level traders and investors who have been working at this for years. Our goal is to create a community, share, teach you what we do and all while producing consistent returns.

DeltaOne exists to help you block out the noise and focus on a repeatable framework that you can apply across multiple asset-classes and within the various strategies we deploy using an absolute return framework. 

So, it does not matter what type of market environment we are in because we develop investment ideas in any market within multiple asset classes.

So, if you’ve struggled to find a strategy that works or have jumped around from newsletter to newsletter, and you believe there is a better way…then joining DeltaOne is the most asymmetrical trade you can make. 

We know there are hundreds of services out there and most of them are pointless because nobody really has a clue of what they’re doing aside from chasing momentum. 

DeltaOne is different.

We cut through the noise and show you what the market is doing and how to profit from it. The research and insights are done for you so that you’re prepared within less than 10 minutes of reading each week.

Or, you can really dive in and utilized the educational tools and resources we provide you to show you step-by-step how we do what we do. 

Some members come in and adopt our approach and strategies instantly. Others modify them and combine them with their own approach. Either way, you will learn to have a more consistent, repeatable way to extract profits from the market in any environment.

Joining us is a question of whether you want to continue chasing mixed results with no repeatable process or do you want to finally learn to use a multi-strategy approach to driving consistent returns in your portfolio? 

What Do Members Get Access Too?

Weekly Report, AST Alerts & Private Substack

1. The LongVol Membership

It's easy to get distracted by useless information, especially in trading. Each week you'll get our PDF report with a market outlook, cliff notes and then the insights for the items for that week ahead. We then use that report during the week and add notes in the chat room.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings

2. Weekly Calls

Monday market outlook at 9am EST to discuss the ideas for the week ahead. Wednesday meetings at 6pm EST to cover trade-reviews, new ideas and general coaching with Dan.

Investment Primers

3. One-Off Research Reports

Members of DeltaOne receive access to additional one-off investment ideas that are not included in The LongVol Report. These are 1-4 page investment ideas with primers to explain the sector, the investment idea and the ideal trade structure. We share these ideas develop in the markets - these are both long & short ideas.

Real-Time Ideas & Analysis

4. Community

The DeltaOne subscription gives you full access to our private chats where the team and fellow traders from around the world spend each day discussing everything from the latest research we put out, trade ideas, life-hacks and general topics related to business and markets.

Why Wait? Join DeltaOne Now.

Time is passing by and returns are being generated.

Returns you cannot afford to miss out on.

You need the framework, strategies, tools and community to support you through this so you can generate returns. 

You need to filter out the noise once and for all so you can get to the truth. 

You need a time-tested approach that is repetable and proven to generate results. 

You need DeltaOne. It’s your tool for ALL OF THIS…

We run our fund and work non stop to give you signals and research so you know when to hold off and when to press it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a financial advisor or someone just managing their own cash, you need DeltaOne. 

Join us and let’s start making some money together. 

I've been a member of DeltaOne since the beginning and even prior to the formal community. The amount of research and dedication Dan put's into it is elite and you just will not find that anywhere else. From understanding macro-trends to breaking down deep short ideas he explains things in a way that you can understand. So even if you're not going to take that same idea just learning about it is worth it alone. His understanding of how the markets all work together is amazing and gives me insights on when to be in trades and out of them and then knowing when I should really be pressing it. DeltaOne is a powerful community of people from all backgrounds, and I would tell anyone that is serious about investing that they need to do this. It will only raise your game being around Dan and this group and it's motivating to want to continue to learn and become better.
Corey Bates
Small Business Owner/Trader

DeltaOne Membership

The Premiere Research, Training & Community for Investors

By joining DeltaOne you’ll get access to: 

The LongVol Membership: Each Sunday you’ll get access to The weekly TLV Report, AST Alerts, model portfolio and Substack access for market updates.

Weekly Calls: Every Monday and Wednesday we lead 30-90 minute calls for market outlooks, review of new investment ideas and training for members. 

The Absolute Return Framework: You’ll have the most legitimate edge possible with our framework because you’ll finally see that you can navigate across strategies and asset classes to generate returns. No more sticking to just one strategy or following one stock to make money. 

Community: You’ll access a community of high-level traders & investors from around the world. Some independent traders, some money managers and other people from all walks of life. Everyone in DeltaOne is committed to being ruthless profiteers to generate returns for their portfolios.

Market Timing & Video Lectures: You’ll receive access to about 4 hours of training lectures as a member as well so that you can get up to speed on how we use market-timing and how we view portfolio management using a long/short strategy.

If you have questions, please use the contact page. For institutions/money managers please still apply and we will send soft-dollar and invoicing options.