Tired of noisy chat rooms and indicators? Not getting the returns you want from your financial advisor? Or maybe, you’re just not making money trying to day trade each day. 

Well then maybe it’s time to consider DeltaOne. 

There’s no noisy chat rooms, day-trading micro caps/small caps, indicators or chasing stocks around with no real research. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 hours a week or 20 – DeltaOne makes this simple and resourceful so you can dedicate the minimum or maximum all depending on what YOU want. 

You’ll get access to the same research Dan and his analyst use for his $10 million hedge fund, DeltaOne, each week and better yet, he’ll explain to you each Monday how to read it and use it to your benefit

You’ll get access to the DeltaOne community, The TLV Report, A Monday Morning Call, Tuesday Training and educational content that is available on-demand.

If you already have an investment portfolio and want to learn how to swing trade, find value investments and then also use short-term cash flow strategy then this is the place. 



What You Get with DeltaOne

The LongVol Report

Full access to The LongVol Report including TLV chat feed access with updates.

DeltaOne Chat Room

Access to DeltaOne chat room with Dan learning market commentary on a daily basis.

Monday Morning Call

Weekly 30-minute calls on zoom with Dan to discuss the key items for the week ahead.

Tuesday Training Webinars

Iron sharpens iron. Learn each Tuesday in a 60-minute training session. Topics change week-to-week.

Live Trade Ideas

Investment Ideas in DeltaOne chat with explanation, entry triggers and management all from TLV report.

30 Day Training Bootcamp*

The Portfolio Management Bootcamp is quarterly. Learn to manage a portfolio and create profitable ideas.

Have Questions?

This gives you direct access to Dan in the DeltaOne Members chat room where each day he posts market notes, live entries & exits detailing why with the position, size etc. so you can understand. You also get access to a Monday Morning Market Brief on Zoom where he discusses the top ideas for the week. Then, on Tuesdays, you get a 1-hour trainign call with the group on Zoom to discuss all things trading. Some weeks it’s options, others it’s futures, some it’s psychology etc. – it constantly changes to keep it fresh so you can elevate your trading. 

Here is who this is for and not for to give you a better idea if this is a fit. 

  • This is not for absolute beginners – you should have a basic understanding of stocks/options and what charts are
  • For those who want to learn how to trade & invest in any market or asset class 
  • For those who want to swing-trade or day-trade 
  • For those who want access to a community of commited investors & traders who really want to excel

Membership is month to month, you can cancel at anytime.

The BootCamp is new for 2023 and an option for DeltaOne Members to subscribe too when we host them live over 30 days. 

Non-Members can also join at a non-discounted rate .

As we release new Bootcamp dates we will post them here on this page.