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YTD Index Review & Energy

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YTD Index Review

Let’s take a look at Index & Energy Markets Review with some data points for this year starting with the indices as a review to begin. Much of this is led by 7 stocks and NVidia being one of them became a special situation trade that was discussed last week in The LongVol Report.

Energy Markets Running

Depressed commodity prices in the first half of the year had an effect on most names in the space but now with energy prices higher that should shift sentiment and earnings. You can see that shift in projections in FCF in many of the majors going forward. In addition, this space should continue to see share buy backs which is a benefit to long-term shareholders and puts buy side pressure on some of the names listed. 
I am bullish on oil prices and the sector at large. We have record low inventories, recession or not, nominal demand crude oil demand goes up. Supplies are very tight and the SPR is at record lows and without investment for infrastructure for production that causes an issue. 


Dividend Yield in Energy

Last year, the 50 top oil and gas producers spent $59 billion on dividends and buybacks, up from $19 billion in 2021.

  • US oil and gas producers more than tripled earnings on a per-barrel-of-oil basis in 2022 from 2014, the height of the shale revolution.
  • Higher commodity prices led the studied companies to reach record revenues ($332.9 billion) and pretax profits ($187.5 billion) in 2022.
  • US oil and gas independents more than tripled shareholder returns, from $19.0 billion in 2021 to $58.8 billion in 2022


Final Word

FOMC is on deck this week along with housing data and some other key points that are important for the markets. 

Energy is leading right now and that likely continues to be a theme for me into Q12024.

Housing data this week will be key for the short positions there. 

As a reminder, the October Mastermind deadline is approaching, be sure to register in time.

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