The LongVol Show – Episode 19

The LongVol Show - Ep 19

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I’ve decided to start writing the WYMTW (What You Missed This Week) section here on this site going forward. It’s a little easier for me to use this format. It’s also easier for me to write about longer-term investments here and pieces that are worth longer reads. 

That being said, this is Episode 19 so welcome back!

This week we finally had rate cuts from the ECB and CCB and it’s looking likely that Jerome & Co. cut in September which shifts some of my attention toward some new sectors – some of which there are small positions in already. 

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The Market at Large

Bullish flow continues this week and $5500 SP500 futures target is still what I have modeled and a good close this week given all the data we’ve had. 

Hard to be bearish – trying to call a top on the indices is usually a death wish and nobody sends you a trophy for getting it right. 

Some notes from last weeks report below. 


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Shift4 Payments - Insider Buying

  • Founded by Jared Isaacman – US billionaire and someone who lives an interesting life (worth googling)
  • A lot insider buying from him as of recent 
  • Q1 revenue of $700 million which is a +29% YoY
  • Expanding into Puerto Rico (nice) and US Virgin Islands 
  • On my radar next 2-3 quarters, $80-$85 will be a key technical inflection 

Paypal - Back in The Mix

Back in the mix after a year or so of being off my radar after some positive notes the past few earnings and some other key material items.


Final Word.

  • Look for the new issue of the Report Sunday – adding a video and updated section for more Swing/Position investments to the report. 
  • No Q&As from this week. 
  • Reminder: will be in NYC in July if anyone wants to meet up. 

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